User rules

1. User
A user is a person, who are renting or owning an accommodation located at one of Foreningen Kollegienet Odense’s (FKO) members, in which a connection to FKO’s network is established. As a user you are obligated to keep yourself informed about the current rules and any network changes. The terms and conditions can be found at

2. Responsibility
Users are responsible for their own devices, as well as possible programs and documents installed on these. Neither FKO, nor the people responsible for the network can be held liable for potential damage on hardware or loss of data as a result of errors on the network or in relation to the network.

3. Virus
Different computer viruses, malware, etc. often circulate on the network in the shape of infiltrated programs and documents containing macroes. The users are responsible for checking data for viruses before they are transferred to the network. Every user must respect the safety regulations, which may be effectuated and announced via e-mail and on the FKO homepage. Users are personally responsible for any damages done to their computer/device and loss of data caused by hacking, virus infections, malware, etc.

4. Protection of Data and Programs
The data and programs of other users are regarded as their private property and trying to get access to such data without preliminary agreement with the users in question is not allowed. This applies whether the data is available on the user’s personal computer or if the data is available on the server of the network. Devices connected to the FKO network are not protected against unauthorized access through the network. It is entirely up to the individual user to protect his/her own devices i.e. by encryption of data.

5. Use of the network
FKO’s network is linked to the Internet. It is only allowed to use the network for legal activities. It is not allowed to perform IP or port scans with the intent of searching for servers on the FKO network or internet. Any attempts on circumventing the security systems (cracking/hacking) is not allowed. FKO’s network must not be used for commercial purposes. It is also not allowed to use the FKO network for distributing of illegal material or material you do not own the rights to. FKO is obligated to address any complaints concerning the above.

6. Access
The tenants of an accommodation located at one of FKO’s members are responsible for all data and activities happing through this accommodation’s network socket. It is only allowed to set up proxy facilities for your own usage. Computers linked to FKO’s network are not allowed to be linked to other networks.

7. Overload of FKO’s network
Overload of the network lines, including the Internet access is not allowed. FKO monitors how much every single user transfers through the Internet. If a user exceeds the limit decided by FKO’s board, the result may be that the user’s access to the Internet is terminated for a period.

8. Logging
FKO does not log any activities on the network nor which IP-addresses are used by the user in an accommodation. FKO may however log activities on the network for the use of tracing errors and tracing users, whom are showing an inappropriate or illegal behavior. As soon as the task is complete all logged data will be deleted. If an authority with jurisdiction in Denmark imposes on FKO to log activates on the network, FKO will be obligated to do so.

FKO collects data in an anonymized form to use in statistics and improvements of the FKO network.

9. Netiquette
Users are expected to respect the unwritten laws about behavior on the Internet. Generally understood you are advised to avoid bothering other users. Complaints from other users concerning violation of the general netiquette will be handled by FKO.

10. Violation of the rules
If the rules are violated, it will immediately lead to a temporary or permanent disconnection from the network. If it is suspected that Danish law has been violated, FKO will notify the police.

These rules have been written in order to determine responsibility and in order to avoid violation and misuse of the network as well as avoiding nuisance of other users. Inexperienced users should not have to be nervous about what they do on the network as practically every violation of the rules is done intentionally. If you have any doubt about having done something which is in conflict with the rules, you should immediately contact FKO on:

Please note that in the case of any disputes the Danish version of the terms and conditions is the legal version.

Foreningen Kollegienet Odense [Terms] revision May 24. 2018.